I Work Hard For The Money, So Hard For It Honey!

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Continuing with our theme of "10 Things I Hate About Budgets", we are on #6 and in honor of Labor Day I thought this would be an appropriate time to discuss how hard we work. So hard. 

Think about how long we have worked, and how much longer we will still work.

I am almost 41 years old and have worked since I was 15 years old; that means I have worked for 26 years, already more than half my life. I LOVE what I do, so I will probably work for another 20+ years or so. So around 50 years of my life will have been spent working at a J*O*B/ Career/Business. That does not include: mom duties, wife duties, cook, maid, driver, dog-mom, daughter, sister, aunt, and on and on. 

You are probably in a similar position.

We work so hard and a lot of what we do we do not get paid for. So, when we get some money in the bank we want to be able to "do what we want", "treat ourselves". I mean "we earned it".

I agree! We do not work to pay our bills, we work to enjoy our lives. 

However, are we enjoying our lives if we are:

  • Stressed about money
  • Worried if there will be enough today, tomorrow
  • Sacrificing the future for today
  • Telling our kids "no", because of money

I don't think so. 

Guess what changes all of that? Yes! A budget. 

A budget lets you know that you have enough. That you can splurge without guilt. That you can say YES to the things you want. 

A budget takes away stress and worry. It gives YOU control. It puts you in a position to be proactive instead of reactive. This, is what I give my clients. 

Honestly, anyone can help you create a budget. Google can probably give you a really good start. But here's the problem, a generic, vanilla, budget is NOT going to solve your problems. How many of you have "tried" to budget? How many of you hate it? Yes, so many. 

A budget has to be as unique as you are. It has to align with your life and your goals. It has to be fine-tuned to your personality or it won't work. You won't do it. You will hate it and think you are bad at budgeting. 

Mindset is so important when it comes to money. Join us for the 4 Day Money Mindset Challenge between now and Sept. 12.