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My 3-Step Coaching PRogram

So, how does this money coaching program work? Glad you asked! My program is based on 3 aspects, each covers a different area of your financial life. Think of our time together as the Beverly Hills Rehab Center for your Money. Maybe you need a Budget Rehab or Debt Detox, or You might need to check-in and stay awhile; we have a program for you. During the program you have homework exercises and are learning a lot about you and your money. Check out more about the 3 sections below.

Find your money story: Learn what ideas and beliefs about money are holding you back.

Discover where these beliefs came from.

Discover all the places money shows up in your life.

Are you spending your money in alignment with your values?

How are your money habits showing up in your life?

What are your attitudes about money?

This is the practical money crunching!

This is big picture time!

This is implementation! We take what we have learned and create a workable plan for YOU.

We look at what is on the horizon and how this moment, this decision, is going to impact that.


Hello, My name is April

This is my tribe: 

The women I work with are smart, they make a good living and have a great life. They are finally ready to get their financial life in order. They are just getting stuck on the "money part". They want to work with someone who understands what they have gone through, who can help them figure out what to do next and not make them feel judged, criticized or unheard.

They want someone to explain the complex financial world to they in a way that’s simple and relevant, as if they were talking to a girlfriend at brunch. They’re open, willing, and ready to invest the time, money and energy into a new relationship, a financial planning relationship.

I help them understand that this is not their fault. We are not taught about money and we work to figure it out along the way.      I use my 3-step coaching program: Money Mindset, Money "Habitudes" and Money Map to get them unstuck and feeling accomplished. 

I'm so glad you found me, the woman out there that cares about educating & empowering you and making it a ton of fun. That feeling you have? It’s relief. I can't wait to help you.

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