debt freedom

How to get out of debt without living in deprivation and overwhelm or the nagging question of “Where do I start?”

In this 90 Day Course you will learn:

  • Your Debt Personality so that you can create a customized plan that works for YOU

  • How to Create a Step-by-Step Debt Plan that you can follow step-by-step

  • How to Find Extra Money to Payoff Debt so that you can pay off debt faster

  • How to Overcome Spending Triggers so that you can stop mindless spending on unimportant things

  • How to stay out of debt so you stop the cycle of getting out of debt and getting back in

    Being debt free, is all about FREEDOM!

    Reduce debt and collection calls

    Have a game plan

    Stop the paycheck to paycheck cycle

    For a lot of people, "next month" is always the best time to start. Every day you wait adds more interest to your debt. If you’re reading this it means you’re serious about paying off debt. Use that momentum and take Action!

    We start Aug 18th!

get out of debt

The Way You Think About & Handle Debt is Needs to Change in a BIG Way…

Whether you have been trying for years to “get out of debt” or promising that “someday” you are going to start working on a plan…this can be the big breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

There is so much information out there on how to get out of debt, but to most of us, it doesn’t feel aligned with how we want to live our lives.

Join me to learn a new way!

This is a must attend if…

  • You’ve been trying to get out of debt but the balances aren’t getting any smaller & you want a clear plan

  • You feel alone and overwhelmed by debt and you want to feel in control

  • You are ready to make changes, but you aren’t ready to bare your soul and want to take next steps in anonymity and the privacy of your comfy chair and yoga pants.

A Personal Invitation from April

I’ve been helping women get debt free since I became an entrepreneur.

Over 100 events, hundreds of clients and 10 years experience; I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that help women create a luxurious lifestyle without debt or guilt.

Whether the tool is budgeting, debt freedom plan or business processes strategies the result is always the same. Women who learn the skills to take control, get proactive instead of reactive and stop fearing opening statements and checking bank balances…stopping the never-ending paycheck to paycheck cycle.

If you’re committed to change the way you think, feel and handle your money and finally build a lifestyle that’s in alignment with your goals and priorities, that let’s you spend MORE money on the things you love; I can’t wait to help you shift your mindset and help you get there faster.

Register Here.

See you there,