Stephanie is my buddy, and probably the only chick on the planet that I love that also kinda scares me a little. 

She has a no-nonsense approach to life and health and looks damn good walking that mission. Below is my Trail Blazers chat with Stephanie; check it out. 

What would surprise you to learn about me? That I have some serious home-ec  skills. I can cook, sew, knit, bake, and needlepoint like nobody's business!

I am passionate first and foremost about helping others. That has manifested itself in all of the iterations of my career.  But as the State Chaplain described me a few years back...."She ain't no bleeding heart therapist." I help with EMPOWERMENT. Teaching to fish rather than giving the fish. I believe that every human being has the innate ability to overcome, they just may need a guide to help show them where those abilities within themselves are and how to use them.

The greatest lesson I have learned in business is: prioritize. I have learned the hard way that working frantically on 100 things at the same time is not as effective as working on 5 things slowly. I would get partway through one task, then move onto another, then another, and never actually get anything done.  I learned this from Tim Ferris: start your day with the task you have been procrastinating on the most, and do nothing else until that is accomplished. That has helped me get things done and not be at the last minute frantically working on completing a task that I had only worked on partly for weeks and never actually completed.

  • Stephanie Lincoln, LMHC, CPT
  • Founder and CEO, Fire Team Whiskey, LLC
  • Founder and CEO, Balini Mind + Body, LLC
  • Co-Founder and Clinical Director, Moral Combat, Inc.

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