March Trail Blazers

How fun was last night?!

Between the UNF Butterfly, The "Coached Trail Blazers" intermission with Rachel Roberts, who shared how she implemented what she learned In Feb. and how she was now saving $250 a month, the connections and mingling with the amazing women in the room, the delicious food catered by Blue Sage Cuisine..and our March Trail Blazer Dr. Kristy Harvell. 

We also got strategic about our money and planning and preparing for the unexpected. Several women asked for more information on the Life Insurance and Long Term Care we talked about last night. You can check out a short video Here. Here is the article on the football coach I mentioned. 

Enjoy the pictures included here, check out more on Facebook. If you weren't there last night, ask someone who was about the Diddy picture and how that played a part. 

What was your favorite part of last night? Comment below or join us on Facebook