6 Reasons to Inspire You to Pay Off Debt

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Debt sucks. There is so much negativity, fear and stress when it comes to our money and especially our debt; I think we can change this. With tenacity and determination, we can turn around our financial situation. 

We can get Inspired, even excited, about paying off debt!

Let's look at 6 Reasons to Inspire You to Pay Off Debt.


...all the things you will be able to do or the savings you can build once you have no debt payments. Start to design your life the way YOU want; spending money on things you LOVE.


...some of us have a love/hate relationship with money; not having enough or feeling guilty for what we do have.  There is nothing wrong with having less money, unless you feel “broke.” There is nothing “right” about being wealthy, unless you feel free. Being thankful for the ability to pay off your debt allows you to make shift in mindset. 


...what were you doing before you started aggressively attacking your debt? Were you lost and not sure which direction to go? Unable to make each paycheck stretch to the next one? Remember those moments and remember how stressful it was. Give thanks to the change in circumstances. 


...is important in all areas of life; don't forget to set goals when paying down debt. What are your goals for this year? Be specific and write them down. Need a little help getting started? Check out the Be a Money Boss Budget Workbook.


...that you ARE going to do it this time! Decide you are going to change your habits, because you know that doing the same things that got you into debt in the first place will not get you out of debt. Small, daily changes, will help you stay on the Trail to becoming debt free. 


...who wants to go through this alone? It is more fun and less stressful having guidance during the process and creating the right plan. So many people spin their wheels when trying to payoff debt because they don't know how to do it properly.

Get started with creating your debt repayment strategy here.