Meet Our January Trail Blazer | Atiya Abdelmalik

Atiya Abdelmalik Trail Blazer

Meet Atiya Abdelmalik MSN, RN, and PhD Candidate in Community Engagement.

A survivor, a mom, a nurse. IN her own words, Atiya told me why she is passionate about her work:

Because it's not work, it's my calling. As a health care professional and community engagement leader I "get to" use my life, my stories, and my experiences to help young women, girls and communities transform their existence from surviving to thriving. For me, it just doesn't get any better than that.

When I was doing my cyber-stalking as I call it, looking for women I thought were worthy of the Trail Blazer name; I found Atiya. I read every article, scoured all her interview videos and SHE. WAS. AMAZING.

But what got me, was Unicorns and Tribe.

Nothing..was off the table and UNICORNS were a must! I’d create entire communities filled with people, neighborhoods, and creatures, most of which I thought really existed. 

And then..

My hope for you is that you make a conscious decision to not “dim” your light. You create non-negotiables on the path to your purpose. You believe in the POSSIBILITY of the world you wish to live in. Most importantly, you find a tribe that will help usher you into the best version of the Unicorn or other magical creature you choose to be!

Join us at Trail Blazers in January, get your ticket here, when Atiya talks about

Possibility on Life's Crooked Highways