Don't Worry About Blowing Your Money On Christmas!

christmas shopping

Did I just say that? Yes!

It’s December. Any budgeting, saving, or planning you were going to do “this year” for Christmas isn’t gonna happen. Let’s be real.

Damn. So what now?

I’m not saying go Paris Hilton crazy with the shopping and shop like it’s Black Friday and shoes are half off. Save the wedding dress trunk sale rioting for another time ladies!

However..the guilt that is going to come along with the debt and the shopping; the crying into your eggnog because the gift you bought the kiddos was thrown aside for the box it came in. That has to go!

In a few weeks it will be a New Year and you will be promising yourself that “things are going to be different”. And guess what? They won’t.

It isn’t your fault. We are designed this way, we weren’t taught and Christmas is soo far away.

As you whip out your phone to pay the credit card bill, for the next 12 months, I do want you to have some awareness of the cost opportunity. That credit card payment of $125-$500, could be a spa day, it could be a car payment, Summer Camp (i.e. weeks in a kid-free house). There are a million other ways you could spend that money..even savings for next Christmas.

The interest that is accruing on that card? The thousands of dollars you will spend paying off Christmas Morning, that is a really nice vacation, it is less overtime, not missing soccer games because “mommy has to work”, it is booze and fun and a Million. Other. Things.

We tell ourselves that “this year will be different”. Let me ask you something. In the last 5, 7, 10 years, has it been different? Have you saved for this time of year, (that comes the same time every year), and paid cash for everything from parties to presents?

If not, then may I suggest a coach? An accountability partner. A guide.

If you are still with me, and haven’t cussed me out and grabbed the eggnog to drown your tears. Then you and I might be a good fit. If you are saying “how does she know”, then we should talk about Detox.

Debt Detox.

Get through Christmas, without guilt or ugly crying and we will handle what comes next.

With balances of $10,000, $20,000 or more, at 20%-30% interest, you find yourself paying upwards of $500 per month in interest expense alone, never actually paying down the balance of the credit card debt, which adds even more frustration, stress and pain to your life. 

My Beverly Hills Money Rehab Program: Debt Detox will design a repayment plan that speaks to who you are and what your life looks like. April, how am I going to pay for Debt Detox, you ask? The All American Way of course, through payments if you check into rehab before Jan. 1.

Learn more about getting clean at Debt Detox Here.

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