The Journey Won't Be Easy..Don't Expect It To Be

divorce journey.png

The journey from married to single isn't easy. There are so many emotions, changes and challenges and that is before you ever get to the money part. 

The definition of easy is "free from worry or problems". This does not sound like most people's financial journey, let alone someone going through a divorce.

Here are some things you should expect:

  • Everything takes effort
    • Things worth having are worth working for. Your journey may be different from others.
  • Money challenges can be learning experiences
    • Figure out what this journey is trying to tell you.
  • It's life changing
    • Life changing moments can be really exciting or really scary. Your financial journey will be a mix of fear, restraint and excitement. Embrace it.
  • Unrealistic expectations
    • What changes are coming? What sacrifices will you have to make?
  • It is an emotional investment
    • Every relationship is an investment and your relationship with money has now changed. Take stock and see where you stand with each other.  

You don't have to do this alone. She Rises was created to help empower women as they transition through divorce. The 2 hour workshop will provide you with experts, helping you take control and rebuild all areas of your life. Join us Feb 13th. 

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