Hi! I'm April and I am so excited to work with you. 


Ready to be a Money Boss?

You can take control of your money and live the life you deserve.

Money coaching differs from financial advising. Coaching is not about financial advice on investments, A money coach helps you build wealth in the first place. We look at habits, attitudes and behavior. We look at how to design your life to create wealth and freedom.

Have you realized you are done hiding, and you’re ready to get real and create what you want, instead of believing the BS about why you can’t get it/do it/be it?

Work with me

I have 20 years experience in the financial industry, working for 10 years as a financial advisor. I want to teach you how to use money as a tool to create the life you want. Learn how to create a luxurious lifestyle without going into debt, over-complicating it, or dealing with guilt.

Budget intervention session

Are you ready to start making changes when it comes to your money, but you want to tip-toe in? Let's start with a phone or video call to get started answering your burning questions from the comfort of your home.

When you take the time to become financially educated you can create the life you want!

This is a 60 minute chat where you ask and I answer questions about money, budget, debt and those pesky random questions that pop up. 



Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…I like to think of it as The  Beverly Hills Rehab Center for Your Money. This is me and you 1:1 for 12 steps, I mean 12 sessions. 

I would love to meet you. I want to learn more about you and whether we would be a match for working together. I do not take on just anyone, and I find it crucial that we are a good fit in order to deliver you the best results in your life. 



You are a Trail Blazer! You are on top of your game when it comes to work & love. While it may not be perfect, you are putting in the work!

There is only one area that gets pushed to the side. Money. You don't think about it, let alone talk about it. But it is always there, on your shoulder, talking to you. Should I be buying this? Does this make sense? How am I going to afford my lifestyle?

Maybe you have made some changes. Super strict budget, tons of overtime. But has any of this worked? It is fun?

The VIP day is fun! True to the Luxurious Lifestyle, we will meet at a gorgeous location Beach-side, sipping on a beverage of our choice, while we administer CPR to your finances.

Do you want freedom from financial restrictions sooner rather than later, and you’re willing to do what’s necessary because no other alternative is tolerable? 

The Beverly HillsDebt Detox.png

Debt Detox

You can’t have a luxurious lifestyle when you are struggling to pay your bills. There are 4 different methods for getting out of debt and if you are using the wrong one it will cost you in time & money.

We will create a system that works for you, lets you maintain your lifestyle while eliminating your crushing debt.

group program.png

Live, Virtual, Group Coaching

Discover the strategies and how to implement them in a way that is important and true to you.

I will teach you how to find $3,600 in your budget.

Exclusive, Limited Opportunity to join my live, online group coaching Program.

This event only happens 2x a year. Don’t miss out.