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Hey Trail Blazer! Welcome to your money map. This guide will help you navigate your current money situation and chart a new course to a luxurious lifestyle.

This isn’t a one-time course or webinar. This is a gold mine of information that you can access on demand to help you achieve your financial goals. Use this membership to light a fire towards taking control of your money.

New content will be added regularly. In addition, you will receive exclusive access to live sessions with me and other Trail Blazers facing the same challenges. We will also have some fund, I mean fun, challenges along the way.


Select your goal to get started.

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Increasing Net Worth

Your net worth is a report card of your overall health. Start here to see where you stand financially.


Reducing Debt

Are you tied of being weighed down by debt? Is your debt keeping you awake at night and stressed during the day? Are you afraid to even look at the reality? Is debt suffocating you and taking all the air out of the room?

In order to know how to be debt free you have to know where you are starting.

Use the debt Freedom Plan to write down all the information about your debt and then prioritize your payoff.


Creating a Budget

Orange you glad I saved the best for last? Everything starts with your budget and everything improves when you have your budget under control. Yet, this is the last piece everyone wants to face.

Let’s get started!

Use this to make a list of all your expenses, from i-tunes to mortgage. Print several copies if you need them. Which ones can you eliminate? Which ones are not getting your closer to your goals?

After you have listed all your expenses and made any changes. Use this sheet to create a blueprint for your monthly budget. Think of it as a reference.



Here are some different worksheets & videos to help you on your journey.