T- Tackle Your Numbers

Let’s talk about the financially sexy numbers every women should strive for; 750-3-35-15-35.

1. Know your credit score and shoot for 750+

What’s your score: _______________

2. Have an Emergency Fund

Set aside 3-6 months’ worth of your fixed expenses. This is your 1st financial priority.

What is my monthly fixed expenses? _____________

How many months do you have set aside: __________________

3. Keep Your Debt In Check

Debt should be less than 35% of your income.

My monthly net income is _____________         

Your debt ratio: ______________________

4. Save 15-25% of Your Income

How much depends on what style of retirement you want

My Yearly net Income is _______________         

Percentage you are saving: _________________

5. Your Credit Card Utilization should be 35% or lower of your total   credit limits (add up all the balances, add all the credit limits, divide the total balance by the total credit limit then multiply by 100)

        Total Credit Card Balance ___________________

        Total Credit Card Limits ____________________

        Your percentage: ____________________