Sponsorship Opportunities - A La Carte

Featured Water Stations (1 available) - $1,000- Feature your company’s branded cups at water stations located in high traffic areas throughout the Expo, as well as the green room. Company provides cups.

Gift Bag Placement (3 of 4 available) - $299- 8.5 x 11” brochure (four pages), flyer, post card or item inserted in attendee bags. Company provides literature. 200+ welcome bags. Item in 300 gift bags handed to first 300 people in the door

Breakout Session (24 available) - $200- Sponsor a breakout speaker. Opportunity to provide promotional item(s), gifts, or hand- outs to be placed at every seat. 200+ guests.

Expo Program (4 available) - Be recognized as the underwriter of the conference program and have a highly visible ad placed. Quarter, half, and full page options. Price varies by size.

Green Room (1 available) - $750- Exclusive sponsor of our speaker green room. Special signage can be provided to be displayed.

Technology Sponsor (6 available) - $165 - Sponsor the technology for the speakers. Special signage can be provided to be displayed in each breakout room.

VIP Hour (3 available) - $1,300- Introduce yourselves to VIP guests with a 3-minute welcome speech and special signage recognition during the VIP event. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide (at your cost) promotional item(s), gifts, or handouts.

VIP Bags (2 available) - $300- 8.5 x 11” brochure (four pages), flyer or post card inserted in attendee bags. Company provides literature.

Entertainment (2 available) - $250 -  Introduce our featured entertainment for either the Welcome Reception or the VIP event.

Bathroom Sponsor (1 available) - $250- Interested in an atypical sponsorship that will surely capture attendee's attention?  Include your branding and products in the women’s restrooms. Exclusive to one brand.

Volunteer Sponsor (4 available) -$399- Help us show appreciate to our volunteers by sponsoring their t-shirts and gift cards for their hard work. Logo on the back of all Staff & Volunteer T-Shirts (50 total)- Capped at 4 logos per event.

Featured E-Newsletter (5 available) - $299- One dedicated email blast about your brand to 3k city targeted emails

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