beverly hills rehab

You want results and you need them NOW!

You know you are stuck when it comes to money. You are afraid to check your bank balance, you avoid looking at your statements and you are in this cycle you cannot break. Just like taking off a band-aid, you can either pull it off slowly and painfully, or you can rip it off and let the healing begin. I prefer the fast approach to get started on a new path. (How about you?)

True to the Luxurious Lifestyle, we will meet at a gorgeous location in Jacksonville Beach, sipping on a beverage of our choice, while we administer CPR to your finances.



This is Financial First Aid. So bring on the wine. We are going to Detox your Debt and Rehab Your Budget.

I am an overwhelmed professional’s secret weapon. I transform cluttered finances into an easy, manageable routine, your chaotic mess of debt into an attack plan to debt freedom and your haphazard savings into a proactive, automated process.

Is handling your finances on your own threatening to suffocate your dreams?



The boring budget making you avoid doing anything with it? The increasing debt inviting you to bang your head against a wall? Looking to ditch all the excuses, break free from indecision gridlock and finally make money decisions from a place of peace and power?


We don’t do lame advice, we do real, hands-on, step-by-step coaching that increases your awareness and knowledge about how money works and allows you to start enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.


I help busy professional women take control of their money by becoming money bosses.

Do you want to just get by..barely? Or do you want your life to flourish, thrive and be amazing? With a process that gets you out of debt, spending money without guilt and living a luxurious lifestyle? Because if you do, I can help! Introducing

You deserve to feel alive, powerful and vibrant when it comes to your money and lifestyle and you don’t need to spend hours a day managing your money or months avoiding it

I use proven strategies and one-to-one coaching that helps professional women become successful Money Bosses so you can get out of crushing debt, spend money without guilt and save money for your dreams. Because you can’t have a luxurious lifestyle when you are struggling to pay your bills.


 Discovery Call (30 Minute Call)

•     Session 1: Discuss your vision, dreams, values, and priorities.

•     Session 1: Discuss our plan of action and address any questions.

Module 1: Money Mindset (3 60-Minute sessions)

•     Session 2: Review your current financial data.

•     Session 3: Discover your money mindset

•     Session 4: Define your short-term and long-term financial goals.

•     Bonus: A session with a success coach to uncover other blocks to your success

Module 2: Money Habitudes (3 60-Minute sessions)

•     Session 5: Review specific strategies to help address each of your financial goals.

•     Session 6: Craft a Personal Vision Plan

•     Session 6: Create a Values-Based Budget

•     Session 7: Create a Debt Freedom Plan

•  Bonus: 30 Minute Accountability Call

Module 3: Money Map (4 60-Minute sessions)

•     Session 8: Craft Your Financial Vision

•     Session 8: Implement the strategies and processes discussed.

•     Session 9 & 10: Finalize a customized financial road map.

•     Session 11: Determine the next action steps.

•     We may carry out the recommendations or serve as your guide, coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals such as your attorney or CPA.


60 Day Accountability Call (60-Minute Call)

•     Session 12: Monitor your progress and life-changing circumstances to make sure your plan remains in sync with your life vision and aspirations.