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How to Make & Keep More Money | Women's Business Event

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We will show you EXACTLY how to make an additional $10,000 in revenue in your business and save an extra $3,000. Guaranteed.

At this exclusive event you'll be able to regain control of the fortune in your business and life without making it complicated, knowing how to read a financial statement, or having an MBA. 

We will walk you through it step by step.

Business growth expert Jen DeVore Richter, Founder of Boss Women Rock, and money expert April Caldwell, Founder of Trailblazer’s Tribe, have an exciting event invitation for YOU!

We are pulling back the curtain to show you how you can discover what the top women in business are doing to maximize every dollar, gain access to two leading women's empowerment experts on money issues, and even meet and connect with other women and build relationships while developing personally as well!

At this event for Jacksonville women in business, you may even get a money mindset breakthrough and see how to increase monthly cash-flow and decrease stress and overwhelm!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive event:

* You want to paint a new picture of your financial future and live a luxurious lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed and guilty....

* Something is holding you back and you need a mindset shift to take you from broke to boss!...

* Boss women take control of their money and you want to be empowered to make better decisions....

* You need a clear and straightforward path to financial freedom without the confusion...

* You need results in your business NOW and can't waste anymore time!...

Don't miss this exclusive event for Jacksonville women in business where you can go from broke to boss and feel proud of what you can do!

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P.S. This is not going to be your typical "soft topic" women's event. We are going to reveal the TRUTH about what it really takes to achieve success in your business and life. 

Who Should Attend This Event:
* You are a business owner or female entrepreneur who desires more from her life. You work hard and want to finally be able to enjoy results.
* You are an action-oriented and committed woman who is tired of hiding your head in the sand about your business and financial situation. You are determined to take back control.
* You are fed up with status quo and ready to make a change. Your time is NOW!

Added Perks of Attending This Event:
* Time away from your business and busy life to focus on what you really want.
* Space to clear your mind and connect with other committed women.
* Leadership from two top women's empowerment experts.
* A proven process and guide to getting what you want.