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Online education and guidance to create a luxurious lifestyle without guilt.


The Trail Blazers Membership Tribe is now open…

Our member's club is an online virtual and engaging platform for women who are committed to upgrading their financial lifestyle. 

Are you frustrated with making slow progress with your finances from year to year, or confused about where you should begin? If so, then this Tribe is for you.

I'm here to serve as your money coach and accountability partner every step of the way. 

Click here to join us. 

If you’ve ever felt…
Stuck or lonely on your journey...
You want to take your first steps in the comfort of your own home...
You want some support and community along the way...
you want to do this on your timeline...

This Tribe is for you!

This Tribe is open for enrollment!

The price for membership is $97.00 a month.

This isn’t a one-time course or webinar. This is a goldmine of information that you can access on-demand to help you achieve your financial goals. Use this membership to get your head above water and stop drowning in debt.

New content will be added regularly. In addition, you will receive exclusive access to live sessions with me and other Trail Blazers facing the same challenges. We will also have some fund, I mean fun, challenges along the way.

It is the perfect blend of do-it-yourself, with support and accountability. 


Live, Exclusive, Monthly Q&A Sessions with a topic of the month
Checklists & worksheets
Monthly Challenges
Regularly updated content

Here’s a sneak peek at some of what we will cover:

  • Creating a Values-Based Budget

  • Getting out of debt

  • Increasing your net worth

  • Raising your credit score

  • How to travel well on a budget

  • The richness in wellness

financial coach

Hey! I’m April, Founder and Creator of The Trail Blazers Tribe and I’m here for you. Maybe you’ve been attending the live Trail Blazers events for awhile and decided to find out more about The Members Tribe, or perhaps we’ve met IRL if so (HEY again)! There’s even a chance that a friend sent you our way (tell them I said THANK YOU!)

I’ve received many emails and questions about your desires to have an online aspect that keeps you focused and inspired along your financial trail, with tools and resources to guide you in the right direction with your money.

Money doesn’t have to be hard. Most of us were just never taught how to handle our finances. That ends today!

 I hope to see you inside.