Build A Luxurious Lifestyle without the Complication

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Learn the strategies to keep more money in your pocket and live your dream life without over complicating it.

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Be A Money Boss Budget 101 Workshop

Do you run from the idea of budgeting? Do you think of it as a terrible restrictive diet? Then this workshop is for you!

I love to bring humor and intention to budgeting, spice it up a bit and make it come alive with what is really important and true to you.

A budget means freedom. Freedom to choose where you live. Freedom to start your dream business. Freedom to buy organic groceries. Freedom to travel with your family without worrying about how you'll pay for it. Freedom to follow your passions.

Learn how to live the Luxe Lifestyle without going into debt. What does budgeting look like? It looks like brunch with your girlfriends, more vacations, time for the fun things, designer items, happiness and peace. You get to decide what it looks like. 

Do you find that your money disappears every time you get some cash? And when it comes to you just HATE the entire process? Well, you aren't the only one! But it doesn't have to be that way.

Maybe it is time for a reset. What are you needing to hit reset on? Are you making money decisions that aren't aligning with your goals and values? Or maybe you're needing a fresh start with your budget?

What you'll learn when you attend a Be A Money Boss Webinar

Secret #1 What busy professionals are doing to make budgeting easy and do-able. Uncover the budgeting style that will work for you. 

Secret #2 The only 4 categories your need to worry about when it comes to your money. 

Secret #3 The strategies that will help you pay down debt so you can start spending your money the way you want. 

Here’s a Quick Glance At The Total Value You’re Getting:

2 hour budget webinar (Value $500)

Be A Money Boss Budget Workbook (Value $97)

Total Value $597...for only $117

About Your Guide:


I'm known as the Money Boss Coach and I work with executives and professionals who want to maintain a luxe lifestyle and not feel guilty about it.

I grew up in an upper-middle-class family. A nice house, with a stay at home mom, 2 cars, private school and a comfortable life. When I turned 16 all that changed. My dad's business partner bankrupted us and things changed over night. We went to pinching pennies and lots of tuna fish casserole. I can remember my mom finding items in the house to return to the store and selling things to make ends meet. This continued until I moved out at 18.

This time in my life had a profound impact on me and the way I viewed money, freedom, and survival. I knew I was never going to be put back into a position like that again.

That’s why my passion is helping every woman, especially those who have experienced a personal crisis, face their fears and embrace their financial life so that they too can go from a feeling of surviving to that wonderful place of thriving.

I use my personal experience, MBA in Human Resources and over 20 years in the finance industry to help my clients work towards their goals.