ATTENTION: Professional Women who are serious about creating financial freedom and a luxurious lifestyle...

How to take control of your money without over-complicating it.

Discover the strategies and how to implement them in a way that is important and true to you.

I will teach you how to find $3,600 in your budget.

Exclusive, Limited Opportunity to join my live, online group coaching Money Boss Academy.

Life Changing Planning in 6 Weeks: Align your money with your values, conquer your debt & stop stressing about money.

group money coaching

In this program you will strengthen:

  • Your Boundaries – the more you learn about your money and your values, the more you make decisions about money from a place of power instead of fear.

  • Your Actions – the more you learn about your own habitudes, the more intentional actions you will have. Learn how to define your own money values, while you clean your past and become aware of patterns of behavior that have been damaging to your financial situation.

  • Your Voice – learn to spend your money in a way that aligns with your values and goals. Stop being reactive and start handling your money from a proactive position.

  • Your Integrity – by learning some basic and powerful strategies, you will find your inner stress disappearing. We will address emotional blocks like shame, guilt, and excuses. That is the way to live. Where every action you take is in alignment with your life and values.

  • Your Knowledge – by learning some financial fundamentals and understanding your money and budget, you will make decisions from a place of knowledge and stop the inner conflict and make choices from a place of power.

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The results are in.  Graduates love this program.

This is week 1 of 6 and I cannot say how excited I am!!!! Already learning so much and I even have homework that I’m pumped about!! Thank you for believing in me April! I’m great at many things but handling my money ... let’s just say after priorities are taken care of I tend to live as if I’ll die tomorrow which is awful for my savings. Looking forward to next Monday!!!! 

Since enrolling in the program I have: paid off a furniture charge, canceled 2 memberships = $85.month in savings, connected all accounts to Mint and have a stronger understanding of what my budget is and where money is being spent/invested, checked my credit score more often, used Excel more than I care to but have been happy to do it/happy with results, better habit of buying things that we need rather than "emotional" shopping (my version of a martini after work), followed up on life insurance details rather than leaving them fuzzy, thought about what my financial goals are in a way that is about freedom rather than restraint and pain, continuously taking inventory of personal attitudes and beliefs about money and finance and abundance, both good/bad and neutral, and communicated more frequently and fearlessly with others in my life about money, cash and finance.

The biggest benefit so far for me has been a shift in perspective, less desire to spend money, and decreased overwhelm. Clarity and strength are beginning to replace fuzziness and fear. In addition, I have started to think about all the great things I can do for myself and for others with a few changes. 


About your guide:

I'm known as the Money Boss Coach and I work with executives and professionals as their personal CFO to maintain a luxe lifestyle without guilt.

I grew up in an upper-middle-class family. A nice house, stay at home mom, 2 cars, private school and a comfortable life. When I turned 16 all that changed. Overnight, we went to pinching pennies and lots of tuna fish casserole. I can remember my mom finding items in the house to return to the store and selling things to make ends meet. This continued until I moved out at 18.

This time in my life had a profound impact on me and the way I viewed money, freedom, and survival. I knew I was never going to be put back into a position like that again.

That’s why my passion is helping every woman, especially those who have experienced a personal crisis, face their fears and embrace their financial life so that they too can go from a feeling of surviving to that wonderful place of thriving.

I use my personal experience, MBA and over 20 years in the finance industry to help my clients work towards their goals.

Proven: T.R.A.I.L, The Trail Blazers Proven Process to A Luxe Lifestyle, are 5 strategies to keep more money in your pocket and live your dream life without over-complicating it.

Results: Get the real answers to YOUR money questions. 

Focused: The focus is on your money questions. No more asking Google a question and getting 32,000 options. 


The work involved is not for everyone. It’s for truly motivated women who are ready to show up, trust the process, and commit to themselves.

Timing matters. I only offer a handful of spots for this intimate work. Ask yourself if you are ready for this.


If you are not committed to carving out the time required. If "things are just too busy right now". If you are looking for an over-night, no works needed method, then this is not for you. 

You will be taking action and implementing strategies and will be held accountable. 

Here's What You Get:

Financial Goals that align with Your priorities and values

An Understanding of what has been preventing you from making the changes. You KNOW what to do, but haven't been able to implement it.

A Budget. This is more awesome than it sounds. Learn where your money has been going. Start deciding where it should be going. Walk away knowing you can do this every month. 

Peace of Mind that you are in control of your money and no longer have to be stressed, afraid, depressed or guilty. 

A Plan of Attack. Tired of being buried in debt? Feel like that is where ALL your money is going? You will walk away with a customized debt repayment plan that could save you thousands of dollars. 

Protection. We will make sure you have the right protection in place for you and your family. 

Retirement Strategy. Do you know what kind of lifestyle you want in retirement? Do you know how to get it? We will answer those questions and many more.

Knowledge. You are going to learn some basic financial fundamentals that will not only impress your girlfriends but will help you make smarter decisions when it comes to money; now and in the future. 


*Limited Availability 

Here’s a Quick Glance At The Total Value You’re Getting:

6 Weekly Live Class Webinars: $4500

Bonus 1 : Be A Money Boss Budget Workbook (Value $97)

Bonus 2 : A Personalized Debt Repayment Plan (Value $550)

Bonus 3 : Life By Design Questionnaire (Value $47)

Bonus 4 : Team of Professionals List (Value $47)

Bonus 5 : Personalized review of your life insurance needs (Value Priceless)

Bonus 6 : Access to April via Private Facebook Group Full of Trail Blazing Women to Support You (Value Priceless)



Classes will be held live on Tuesday Evenings.

We start March 19th. These live webinars will be held from 7-8pm EST.

Join early and get 2 extra sessions on March 5th and March 12th

(Recordings will be available for review afterwards)


Still have questions? Schedule a call with me to get your questions about the program answered.