Debt Detox


Are you working on getting out of debt, but not following a proven system?

Time to change that and recapture your time, money and sanity!

Do you dream of financial freedom?

The dream of being debt free, the dream of luxurious vacations, the dream of retiring early.

The dream that you haven’t told anyone about for fear of judgement...those dreams are the ones I help you realize!

I use proven strategies and one-to-one coaching that helps professional women become successful Money Bosses so you can get out of crushing debt, spend money without guilt and save money for your dreams.

You can’t have a luxurious lifestyle when you are struggling to pay your bills.

Hi! I'm April and I’m a Money Coach.

debt freedom

I take you from winging it to precise, from unclear to on the right trail, from lost to grounded so that you channel that flame of ambition into a fire that lights up all areas of your life.

How do I do that?

By giving you a step-by-step action plan and money boss decision making tools with a dash of tough love so you not only get it done but get it done right.

Helping you kill that eternal debt, free up space in your life and finally break the indecision gridlock. So you can keep more money in your pocket, have better relationships and lead an overall kickass life.

Here’s What You Get:

•     4 1:1 Sessions with April

•     An individualized debt repayment plan

•     A strategy to implement the plan - We will take action!

•     Access to a Video Library to compliment the modules.

•     Our assistance in implementing the recommendations within the financial plan.

•     Unlimited email for questions that arise during your program (within reason, please).

•     Meetings will be held video chat or in person if you live in the Jacksonville area.


May cause happiness, clarity with money, the ability to dream again and an increased credit score.

Next Steps:

  1. Decide if you are ready

  2. Click the Apply & Schedule button

  3. Chat with me about any additional questions

Here’s What We do:

Module 1: Money Mindset (60-Minute session)

•     Review your current financial data.

•     Discover your money mindset

•     Define your short-term and long-term financial goals.

Module 2: De-Cluttering Your Finances (60-Minute session)

•     Review your statements and spending to find “Phantom” Money    .

•     Exercises to determine where your money is going

Module 3: Debt Freedom Plan (60-Minute session)

•     Identify and Categorize ALL your debt.

•     Craft a Debt Freedom Plan

•     We will pick 1 of 4 debt strategies that BEST fit You.

Module 4: Implementation Meeting (60-Minute session)

•     Implement your customized plan.

•     Set up systems and processes to keep you on track.