Business Coaching


Business coaching is a 1-2 day session where we Brainstorm, Design & Implement your strategy. We don’t waste any time, together we spend 5-8 hours where we decide what needs focusing on, how we are going to do it and we get it done. The investment is $1500 a day, where we create not only the plan, but get it put in motion!


Efficiency Coaching

I help entrepreneurial women create fulfillment and success by designing a business they love by creating systems and processes to save time and money so they can stay in their zone of genius.

Learn how to

  • Create processes that save you time & money

  • Implement systems to help scale your business

  • Automate those tasks that create a black hole of time

  • Design your plan around your company’s mission, vision and purpose


Event Coaching

Running your own events can be frustrating and overwhelming and if not done right, can cost you instead of earning you the exposure and clients you deserve.

Whether you have an event idea you are ready to launch or you want to take your current events to the next level.

Let’s determine your:

  • Perfect event type

  • Perfect venue

  • Signature event

  • Guest experience model


Business Money Coaching

You are rocking your business, following your passion and actually making money doing it! That is where the frustration comes in. You are making money but need some help with money part.

Learn how to:

  • Organize your business income

  • Pay yourself on a regular basis

  • Save for taxes

  • Income protection