Authentic Selling with Kendrick Shope


Professionally Obnoxious with Kendrick Shope. Listen in as we chat about Authentic Selling and being an Unapologetic Saleswoman!

Learn the secrets with Kendrick Shope, Creator of Authentically Selling | Sales Coach | Speaker | Empowering women to make millions -- selling without sacrificing integrity.

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Business Boss I’m talking to you! If your job requires you to do any kind of selling; selling a product, a service or selling your boss why you need Friday off; then watch this video. STAT.

It’s my job to make you aware when there is something in the online industry you need to pay attention to because it can radically shift your business success. 

Today, I’m honoring my commitment to you.  

Kendrick Shope’s Sales School opens for the final time in 2019 today and you can enroll here. 

Why do I think you should pay attention to Kendrick Shope’s Sales School? 

3 Reasons

  1.  Sales School will teach you how to find your people so that you can sell to them

  2. Sales School will teach you how to convert those people in ways no one else teaches and it works 

  3. Sales School provides the best ongoing support with monthly access for the life of the program to ask Kendrick questions so that you’re never stuck again. 

I don’t promote other people’s offerings unless I KNOW you will be taken care of.  I’ve taken Kendrick’s Sales School and it’s work the investment, it will deliver on the promises.

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