Automate Your Event Follow Up

business card event followup

I’m the worst at getting business cards and putting them in a stack to “work on later”. Spoiler alert, most times “later” doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got the best of intentions, but also a million things on my to-do list.

That is lost revenue.

New contacts are future collaborators, referral sources and even clients. Shame on me. But that was the past.

Now, I automate my follow-up.

I’m going to teach you how.

When you attend an event, like Navigate | A Women’s Summit or Trail Blazers and you get contact info; here’s what to do.

  1. Transfer the contact to your CRM

  2. Tag the person as a conference or event contact

  3. Use your automation software triggers to schedule an email to be sent out as a follow up

  4. BONUS download an app that scans business cards using your phone and uploads them directly to your CRM

Don’t have a CRM or want your email to be more personalized? Use your goggle templates.

Creating strategies to automate your processes is a great way to create more time and money in your business.

What’s the one thing in your business you wish you could automate? Drop me a comment or email.