Forgotten Budget Items for July

july budget

We are in the thick of it. The heat, the kids, the bugs. We just want to make it all go away. If we aren’t careful we will forget about these common expenses and our money will go away.

Don’t forget about these common budget items:

  • Fireworks and Summer parties- from food to decorations.

  • Sunscreen - and you know I don’t mean the generic chemical brand stuff. Check out

  • Air Conditioning - Expect your electric bill to go up. Check last year’s bills and make adjustments accordingly. This is a repeat from the June list, how did you do?

  • Vacations - I wrote about this in a recent blog How You’re Ruining Summer Vacation.

  • Back to school costs- Those add up, start saving now and dream of the days the kiddos are back in school. ;)

What else should go on the list? Add your suggestions here.