Forgotten Budget Items for June

june budget

Here in Florida we are already seeing temperatures in the 90s and with humidity things are really heating up.

To keep your cool in June, don’t forget about these common budget items:

  • Farmer’s Markets- Is there anything better than fresh produce? This is part of your food budget and if you like to buy fresh, local and organic be sure to add an extra couple of bucks to your food budget. Check out this link to get the dirty details ;) on local markets.

  • Father’s Day - Don’t forget about Dad this month. Whether you do the ol’ standby tie or splurge for something more; be sure to say Thanks!

  • Air Conditioning - Expect your electric bill to go up. Check last year’s bills and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Vacations - I wrote about this in a recent blog How You’re Ruining Summer Vacation.

  • Wedding gifts - And not just gifts, but a new dress, shoes, cash bar, etc. All the things that go along with being a wedding guest.

  • Fourth of July Weekend- Fireworks, cookouts, alcohol. Save a little this month so you are financially free next month.

What else should go on the list? Add your suggestions here.

April CaldwellComment