The Power of Phone Calls

Our phone aren’t really used for dialing out anymore, but making a phone call or two can be an easy way to get some extra money in your pocket.

Here are a few examples:

  • Call: I gave a client homework to call her 5 credit card companies and ask for overdraft fees and/or late fees to be refunded and credited back as “a courtesy”. Result: She was refunded $533!

  • Call: I asked another client to call 2 of her service providers and see how she could save. Result: Savings of $86 a month. Every. Month. $1,032 a year!

  • Call: A client I worked with still had a landline. Too young to know what that is, seek Google. It was costing her $80 a month. Result: $960 a year in savings!

  • Call: I had an issue with a purchase from Lowe’s. Result: Check out my FB live to see how I ended up with free delivery and installation and a $255.77 refund. Watch here.

I encourage you to pick up your phone and make some phone calls. Did you forget to make a payment on time? Have an overdraft charge? Ask for the fee to be waived.

Call your phone company, cable provider, insurance company and see if you are getting all the discounts available to you, if you are paying for services you don’t use, or if there is another package that can save you money.

April Caldwell