How To Spring Clean Your Finances

spring clean your finances

April is not my favorite month, I have to be honest. Why? I’m so glad you makes me a paranoid freak. I spend 30 days with my head on a swivel wanting to know why EVERYONE is saying my name and talking about me. Think about it. That couple over there..saying April..oh wait they are planning a date for April 12th. that group of ladies are talking about me, nope..they are planning a yoga class April 17th. You get the idea.

What I do LOVE about the month of April is that it is Financial Literacy Month, (said in Oprah’s I’m giving everyone a car voice) FI-NAN-CIAL LITER-ACY MON-TH. You get the idea. PLUS it is all about Spring Cleaning, another favorite pastime of mine. So what is better than combining cleaning and finances? I agree, nothing.

What can spring cleaning your finances do for you? Again, glad you asked, I like you!

It can clear the clutter, reduce stress and anxiety, help save the environment and yes, it might even save you some money.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Shred and recycle unnecessary documents.

  2. Switch over to paperless statements.

  3. Check on your emergency fund. If your plan is to keep 3-6 months of expenses saved, has your expenses gone up or done? Do you need to save more or slow down a little?

  4. Check on your retirement contributions. Does it make sense to bump them up?

  5. Rollover old retirement accounts. These should not go into your current employer’s plan. Contact me for what you should be doing with them.

  6. Check your beneficiaries. This includes retirement accounts, life policies and checking and savings at your bank.

  7. Reassess your insurance overages. Shop them around to make sure you are getting the best deal. Need to review your life insurance, schedule a free call with me.

  8. Cancel subscriptions. What are you paying for that you don’t use, or don’t use enough? How many music subscriptions do you have?

  9. Shred any old credit cards, checks, etc. that are from old or unused accounts.

Which ones do you need to do? Schedule a time, put it on your calendar and dive in. Shoot me an email and let me know what de-cluttering you did and how it turned out. Or jump into my private Facebook group and share it with the Tribe.

April Caldwell