Forgotten Budget Items for May

may budget items

Every month there are little surprises that pop up. If you are in control of your money, you will be read for all of life’s bumps. If not, here is a list to help you remember some of the extra costs that come along with May.

Let’s get to it

  1. Mother’s Day. Your mother, his mother, her mother.

  2. Graduation gifts. Your kids, his kids, godchildren, nieces and nephews, the kid who mows your lawn, the neighbor kid, and on and on .

  3. Weddings. Your BFF, your sister’s 3rd wedding, your co-worker, your cousin, your roommate from college. This includes gifts, travel, parties, dresses, part dresses and of course, shoes.

Anyone else beginning to feel like Santa. Make a list, check it twice and trim some of those names.

4. Outside fun: concerts, fairs, street festivals.

5. Vacation. Summer will be here before you know it. The best time to start saving? Now.

6. Summer camp. Even better? Sleep away camp. That is a win-win, right?

7. Gardening. Plants, pots, soil. And if you are like me, the 2nd trip because you keep believing that this time will be different and everything won’t die a quick and speedy death once you call it your own.

8. Memorial Day, BBQs and all-night-ragers. Just in case. Have a line item for food, decorations and kegs.

April Caldwell