Announcement: Our April Trail Blazer : Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson Trail Blazers

Let me tell you about my friend, Carrie. I met Carrie when I did my first luxury photo shoot for my business. FYI when I say “first” I mean first ever and as of the writing of this blog, the first of 3. #julieisamazing. I walked into the studio of Julie Ryan Photography and there she was; Carrie.

Carrie was my makeup artist for the shoot and she was amazing. We had a chance to chat as she did my hair and make-up and I just kept thinking, “what a cool chick”. She is the girl you want to be BFFs with in high school and the woman you wish you were brave enough to be in real life.

Carrie Wilson - owner of Carrie Wilson Makeup is a Makeup Artist and owner of her own cosmetic collection, Carrie Wilson Makeup. Perhaps you have seen her all over Jax TV on River City Live, First Coast Living, Jacksonville Buzz and more. She uses makeup to empower women and to help their best selves shine though.

In her own words, “The latest “I am” campaign is so personal to me. I believe every woman can relate in her own way. Being labeled as a young girl as certain things that have a negative vibe can really carry with you into adulthood. But as you mature and get older you realize these labels are part of you. In a GOOD way. They serve you and make you exactly who you are. That’s powerful!”

Join us April 30th as Carrie talks to us at Trail Blazers about How to Look in the Mirror and See YOUR Greatness. Grab your ticket now.