Meet Our August Trail Blazer: Michelle Cook

police chief michelle cook trail blazer

They are bold. They are inspiring. They live life on their terms. Our 2018’s Top 12 Trail Blazers. Every month we will bring HER to YOU at our Trail Blazers Mix, Mingle, Learn & Connect.

I am so excited to introduce our August Trail Blazer, Atlantic Beach Police Chief, Michelle Cook. 

She is passionate about empowering women, leads by example and is an active participant in her community. She is going to speak on Resilience and how you can learn to choose your battles. Advice from a Mom of 4 and a Police Officer, I can't wait! 

"During her career, Michelle held key positions within the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, including Director Personnel and Professional Standards (Training Academy, Firing Range, Internal Affairs, Accreditation, Human Resources); Chief of Patrol; Assistant Chief of Narcotics and Vice; SWAT Commander; and Intelligence Commander." Source:

Michelle started as a Patrol Office in 1992 and in August of 2017 became the first female Chief of Police for Atlantic Beach.

She is active in her community and a leader who is not afraid to voice her thoughts. One of her tweets on Twitter recently went viral with over 9,000 likes and almost 4,000 re-tweets:

If you are a police officer and you think to yourself for even one second that you will not be able to run towards the gunfire...please quit now. We won't be mad. Innocent lives depend on us to act #dontletthemdown  — Michelle Cook (@Wunulub) February 23, 2018

You will see her active on social media, spreading awareness and answering questions. She is a wealth of knowledge and a woman who gets to the point as you will see from our recent            Q & A.

Q. Tell us something that would surprise us most to learn about you.

A. I hate scary movies

Q. Why are you passionate about your work?

A. Every day I get to help someone

Q. What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in business you would like to share

with other women?

A. Be resilient and move along

Michelle is the mom of 4 wonderful kids, all who were adopted out of the local Foster Care System.  In May, she was also selected as one of the 52 Game Changers by Leading Ladies 904. Read more here. 

Ladies, Come hear her share a piece of her wisdom and passion on August 28th at Trail Blazers.