I was so ambitious and productive this weekend; at least that was my goal. My plan was to touch up the wall paint around the new french doors. My open concept beach bungalow is 3 shades of blue: Sailboat, Blue Raindrop, and Coventry Blue...all about 1 shade different. 

Can you guess where this is going?

I picked the wrong blue. I touched up that wall, and 2 others and started waiting for it to "dry lighter". It did not. So after hubby ran to the paint store, because of course, that was the ONLY color we did not have, I went about re-painting. Check out the pics on Instagram.

A funny thing happens as you are staring at paint drying... the mind wanders..and something occurred to me.


When it comes to our money, we all have the best intentions and we just jump in. Let's get it done! What we realize, often too late, is that we picked the wrong blue. We didn't look at everything, we didn't double-check and we didn't get the help we needed before we started. 

This is true with budgeting, paying off debt and financial planning. Take debt for example. You can't want to get out of debt, you want to be in control, savvy, financially secure. You picture all the things you will do with that extra money. You can feel the stress fade away and the feeling of peace takes its place. 

But what if you pick the wrong method?

There are so many ways to pay off debt and if you chose the wrong method it can cost you time, money and frustration. Much like painting 3 walls the wrong color. 

So learn from my mistake. Get a 2nd opinion, double check the plan and don't just jump in to "get it done". 

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