My Daughter Got A Tattoo

My baby girl, who is 20, got her first tattoo. She called me and told the "surprise". 

This kid has always had personality and an independent spirit any mom would be proud of.  

senior picture

As hard as it is to believe, she is an adult, out in the world on her own, making her own decisions. I need to remember that while I may not agree or like all of her decisions, I have put her in a position to make the best choices with the foundation I laid. 

I think the best a parent can do is lay a good foundation, teach them right from wrong and put them on a good path. I believe that comes from not just "do as I say and not as I do", but from the example we set and the habits we instill. 

Those of you who have heard me speak about my daughter know that she has been saving for retirement since she was 9 years old. This was not an easy concept to teach a tween or to practice. "Yes honey, I know Grandma sent you that money for your birthday, but part of it goes into savings, part goes into retirement, part is for charity and the rest is completely yours."

Small, consistent money steps.

As parents, we need to model good money habits, have conversations about money and provide educational opportunities.  The struggle is that WE weren't taught these things. We are taught financial education in school, most of us were not taught them at home and many families do not discuss money at all. 

That is WHY I am so passionate about educating women about their finances. We are the care-takers, we are the educators and we need to be the example. 

There are many ways to get started with financial education. Join us for a Trail Blazers event, work with me 1-1 or join our live, online group coaching program.  

PS. I think her tattoo is super cute. It is the paw prints of her 2 cats and she did not pay for it, it was a gift.