6 Easily Missed Budget Items for July

july budget

July is here and with it, Financial Independence Month, brought to you by April Caldwell, Inc. Yes! I am declaring a month! Be sure to stay connected via email and social media to hear about all the launches to help you keep more money in your pocket. Hint: We are having a Treasure Hunt every day in July on IG & Twitter.

Here is a list of items commonly forgotten budget items for July. Kinda like last season's pumps. 

But just in time as you do your monthly budget review like I know all you Money Bosses do. 

  1. Sunscreen. Budget $8-12 a tube, more if you are particular about the ingredients. I get mine from Beautycounter. 
  2. Fireworks & July 4th Festivities. This includes food, BBQ items, festivals and ice cream.
  3. Pet Boarding Costs. If you go on vacation and put Fido in daycare, this is going to cost. Check with a friend or neighborhood kid to see if you can get it for cheaper. 
  4. Higher Electric Bill. Your AC is working harder and this is going to be reflected in your bill at the end of the month. Add an extra 25% to your planned budget to be safe. You may even see jumps as much as 100% if you are not diligently watching what you keep it on.
  5. Back to School. It may seem early, but I remember those lists and the cost can add up quick. Start a fund now to help reduce the stress come August. Check what you have unused from last year or what is left over that you can re-use. Remember shoes, clothes, supplies, and activities. 
  6. Summer Fun. Make sure to add some Summer Fun. Make a bucket list for you or you and the kids. Make homemade ice cream, host a neighborhood BBQ, go to a waterpark, attend a concert festival, read three novels, and so much more. 

Which ones are on your list? What else could be included? Comment below.