A Conversation about Health & Money

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I can’t think of a more understandable or tangible metaphor for any long-term money goal than physical health. Maintaining the daily discipline of healthy eating, exercise and general self-care gives me a framework for understanding how to approach every major goal I’ve sought to achieve.

As I work on my #2018 #goal of #Health, lean on my friend & coach Stephanie Lincoln; and ride the roller coaster of emotions, motivation, & desire for immediate results; I am given a daily reminder of how hard my clients work on something (#money) that may not come easy to them.

Reflecting on this,  there’s no way I would continue my journey if I kept thinking about the fact that I had 40 more minutes, 40 more pounds, etc. But by tapping into my #goals, squeezing my core and digging into my discipline to focus on the next step, I somehow manage to keep moving forward. That approach has helped me in every milestone moment – physical and otherwise.

It works the same way with our finances. We know what we want to knock out. We want to know what our goal is: Retire at 60 with $3 Million Dollars, Be debt free in 5 Years, etc. But if we focus on that Big Audacious Goal then we can get discouraged and want to quit. Instead take it week to week or day by day. TODAY I am not going to spend any money. THIS WEEKEND I am going to find free stuff to do and put the savings in my savings account. Find 1 thing you can do this week and make it happen. You will see the progress as you go. 

I love the quote about working out and seeing results, it is a great reminder:  “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Give it 12 weeks. Don't QUIT!” It is true with your money too! 

We all need to know our starting point before beginning to get healthy; financially or otherwise.  Below are questions to ask yourself about your financial health. Comment and let me know what you discovered. 

  1. Is my net worth growing?
  2. Am I Financially Sexy- 750-35-15-35?
  3. Am I spending more than I earn?
  4. Am I adequately insured? 
  5. How's my debt?
  6. Have my goals changed?

Find 1 thing you want to work on. Imagine your workout, do you focus on cardio, strength training, core? Which one is the priority? Then how do you attack that? Boxing, Yoga, Classes?The same goes with our money. What do you want to focus on? Debt, Savings, Budget, Future? How do you attack that? Learn more if you need help getting started.