5 Reasons Why Being Financially Savvy is Sexy

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Couples fight about money twice as much as they fight about sex. (Money Magazine Survey 2014)

It is pretty easy to confuse perception with reality in our world of selfies, filters and social media. Seeing "her" come into the office with the fabulous new shoes, the in-season bag and driving off it what has to be a $600 a month car payment..it is easy to wonder how. 

The truth is we don't know her reality. Her credit cards may be maxed out, she may be changing parking spots every week until she can get her car payment caught up. We only see the filtered version. So trying to emulate or even wasting time being jealous..is not sexy. 

5 ways that being financially savvy is sexy:

  1. Being financially savvy is a survival skill. When you control a situation that could de-rail your finances that speaks volumes and makes you a total Money Boss. 
  2. Budgeting and monitoring your money is a sign that you are grateful for what you have. 
  3. Being financially needy is not sexy. Being mature and responsible about your money is. 
  4. A woman who can hold her own in a situation, especially a money one, is someone to be respected. 
  5. Money is a tool to build the life we want. How attractive is it not to have to wait for permission? Stay in control of the shiny things in your life.

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April Caldwell