Blaze Your Trail All Day Long!

I have been honored to be able to speak at several conventions and expos this year. I have learned a lot from them, met some great women and been able to spread financial education around the globe…well, maybe not the globe, not yet. But up and down the Eastern United States, anyway.

As a speaker and an attendee I learned what I liked, what I didn’t like and what I would do differently.

Having ran local hour long events (wine time doesn’t count) for the last 4 years; I know I totally dig connecting great leaders with my Tribe. I also love the organizing, detailed planning, logistics and design of creating a great event. If I was not an awesome money coach, I would totally be a wedding planner, think Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner.

wedding planner

Just kidding, the J-Lo below . Did I ever mention I had walkie-talkies at my wedding so that I could “delegate” from the Bride’s dressing room?

jennifer lopez

But I digress. I have been asked to host retreats, and that is on the 3 year plan. So, in the meantime..

Kim Bynum, Bynum Consulting, and I have teamed up to create an all-day Women's Expo.

This is Trail Blazers on stilettos!

This event is March 16, 2019 10-5pm at UNF. We will have 24 break-out sessions lasting 30 minutes, with 10 additional minutes to connect with the speaker. We are expecting over 200 women business owners and the day will start with a vendor gala and mimosa bar and end with a VIP hour.

These break-out sessions are designed to be inspiring  and give you a hands-on, leave with an action plan, homework, worksheet, badass plan.

We have amazing speakers coming in from all over, as well as some home-grown talent and would love to have you be a part of this.  Grab your ticket before December 1st for early bid pricing.

If you are interested in speaking, please apply here, by December 8th.  Are you a business owner, be sure to check out our sponsor and vendor opportunities here.