How You can Build Your Luxurious Lifestyle.

luxury retirement

For some reason, 1 Million Dollars seems to be the number most people quote when asked how much they want saved for their future. But that number does NOT work for everyone and there are a lot of factors to consider.

First, how long are you going to live "in retirement"? 5, 10, 30 years? That will be will the difference between the Million dollars being a 6-figure income or poverty level. 

Second, is that Million dollars pre- or post-tax? Did Uncle Sam already get his cut, or will that amount be further reduced?

Third, what is the lifestyle YOU want? Big house, tiny home, home health care, luxury travel; those choices are part of what will tell you what your retirement dollars are going to buy you.

Maybe you don't want to wait! 

I work with my clients implementing T.R.A.I.L, the Trail Blazers Proven Process to A Luxe Lifestyle, these are the 5 strategies to keep more money in your pocket and live your dream life without over complicating it.

T - Tackle Your Numbers

R - Realize Your Lifestyle

A- Acknowledge Your Why

I - Implement the Plan

L - Leverage Your Progress

Ready to make those strategies work for you? Schedule a Lifestyle Analysis Session with me. 


April Caldwell