Now is the Time to Create Your Money Map

money map.png

Every Trail Blazer needs a Money Map.

Brene Brown, one of my favorite authors and a constant on the Trail Blazer's Book List; we are currently reading Rising Strong. She was quoted in an interview about money as saying: “I don’t understand everything that I feel like I’m supposed to understand, [and] not understanding puts me at risk.”. It can be scary and risky when you don't understand money.

The New Year is a great time to take control of your money, find out where you stand and create a Vision/ Money Map for your future.  What does the upcoming year look like for you and how does that impact your money goals? What milestones did your reach last year and which ones are on the list for this year? Nothing BIG coming up this year? 

You can still create BIG money goals. Maybe you want to stop over-spending, live within your means, stop contributing to your debt. Maybe you want to travel 2x this year.

What is the Vision you want for your life? Take some time to think about it and write it down. No apologies. This is YOUR Vision.  

Now put some numbers to it. You know what you want, now what do you need to achieve it? Pull out your budget. That's a little joke, only 1 in 3 Americans have a budget. Need help, you can get started Here.  Assign dollar amounts to the goals you listed: debt reduction = $400 a month, Vacation = $150 to save up for the Family Trip, etc. 

None of this is set in stone, you can take detours and change course on your money map as your year and priorities change. 

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