Use it before you lose it (8 overlooked Qualified FSA Expenses)


I love a good FSA/HSA and spend a lot of time explaining the benefits and reviewing these for my clients. The drawback? If your company does not allow the funds to roll over. Bummer! So here are 8 ways to make sure you spend those FSA dollars before they are gone. 

  • Acupuncture and other qualified Holistic care. I love Dr. Kristy.
  • Contact lenses. Stock up if you know your script isn't going to change next year. 
  • Athletic support..ankle wraps, wrist and knee braces. 
  • Pharmacy items- no prescription- chapstick, band-aids, and even condoms. 
  • Pharmacy items with a prescription-pain relievers, acne medicine, hormones.
  • Body scans-Mammograms and other scans to stay on top of your health.  
  • Pre-natal vitamins, pregnancy tets.
  • Baby accessories like ear drops, diaper rash cream.
  • Allergy medicine, OTC and RX...we live in Florida, always a need.
  • Flu shot

Is that more than 8? I love saving money, so I couldn't stop. Who doesn't love guilt free shopping, am I right?

April Caldwell