What is a Money Coach? Do I Need One?

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A money coach is an advocate and accountability partner and there are a lot of people who have different strategies.  My mission is to educate, empower and equip women to blaze their trail to financial independence. I work one on one with my clients helping them delve deep into their money mindset, money habitudes and create money maps. 

Being educated means having the financial knowledge to make good money choices and knowing the places to get the information you need. Being empowered means taking ownership of your finances, learning your money story, understanding and creating positive money habitudes. Being equipped means have the tools, the support and the knowledge to change your life!


And Smart. You make a good living. You're relationships are great. And finally, you are ready to get your financial life in order. You want to work with someone who understands what you have gone through, who can help you figure out what to do and not make you feel judged, criticized or unheard.  You’re open, willing, and ready to invest the time, money and energy into a new relationship, a financial planning relationship. I'm so glad you found me, the woman that cares about educating & empowering you and making it a ton of fun. That feeling you have? It’s relief. I can't wait to help you Blaze Your Trail to Financial Independence.

So how does the money coaching process with me work?

  • Understand your money story
  • Uncover the way you feel about money and why
  • Determine where you stand financially and how you got there
  • Identify your core values and create a value based budget
  • Learn and understand personal financial basics
  • Stay accountable with me as your partner

Do you need a money coach?

Have you realized you are done hiding, and you’re ready to get real and create what you want, instead of believing the BS about why you can’t get it/do it/be it?

Do you want someone to explain the complex financial world to you in a way that’s simple and relevant?

What about this whole spending-money-on-my-relationship-with-money thing? I know: that can seem a little odd. How do we make any decision around spending?  Some guiding questions are:

  • Am I prepared to hold myself accountable for receiving the value of this investment?
  • Do I feel empowered and ready in making this investment?
  • Am I prepared to invest not only my money, but my time as well?
  • Is my goal big enough to justify the price I will pay to achieve it? 

Money coaching differs from financial planning. Coaching is not about financial advice on investments, A money coach helps you build wealth. We look at habits, attitudes and behavior. We look at how to design your life to create wealth and freedom. 

Remember, if you need a guide while Blazing Your Trail I am here to help. Whether you are just starting out or right in the middle of it.  Start with an event or schedule a discovery session with me today.