8 Ways to have a Meaningful Thanksgiving


I love Thanksgiving, except for the Football stuff. But, this is a time where it is all about Family and Traditions. Everyone gathered together under one roof, for an extended amount of time, mostly hungry, waiting for the food to be ready..and things can go so wrong.

So here are a few ways to have an even more peaceful and meaningful Thanksgiving this year.

Start with the intention to act with love and kindness to each and every family or friend at your table.

Consider volunteering for those less fortunate. Studies show that people who provided social support to others had lower blood pressure than participants who didn’t.

Make food together, from scratch. Have the wine close by. Pass on and share recipes.

Make a no-cell phone zone.

Be intentionally loving. Arrive at your mother-in-law’s house with the mantra: Today I will speak only words of love. Have some prepared responses and the wine close by.

Go around the table and have everyone share one thing they are grateful for.

Play Trail Blazer. Go around the table and focus on 1 person at a time (the Trail Blazer) and have each guest name one good quality about that person.

Make toasts! Clink your glasses and voice appreciative thoughts. Don’t forget your hosts.

From my Family to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

April CaldwellComment