5 Questions To Ask Your Children While Home for the Holidays



As the holidays approach whether your children are still living at home or simply coming home for the holidays, this proves to be an ideal time to engage in thought provoking and important discussions.

Home is the first place where most people learn about personal finances, but how often do our discussions as parents to children go beyond over spending habits?

Here are some questions you can ask your children while enjoying the festivities of the holidays:

Ø  What is money?

Ø  If you won the lottery and could only spend your money 3 ways, how would you spend it?

Ø  What would you like to accomplish with your money?

Ø  What is a budget and do you have one?

Ø  How do you save money now?

I would love to hear what your children had to say! Happy Holidays!

April Caldwell