I work with high achieving, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and business owners, who try to do it all.

The only problem is you are spending time on admin tasks that are not generating dollars and you end up feeling more like an employee than CEO.

You want to scale your business but struggle with how to serve more clients but still over-deliver.

You love what you do, but your 12 hour days are keeping you from the things you love; you need more control of your time so you can be a rockstar at home too.

Through the Money Boss Program we set you up to

  •  have your business running 24/7

  • clear your to-do list of the mind-numbing tedious tasks and help you focus on strategies instead of tactics, so that you can service your clients in an authentic way without depleting you of time or energy so that you can hit up a Girl’s Night Out or your kid’s soccer game. 

Do you:

  • Recognize the things that you should be doing to grow your business, but everything else just gets in the way.

  • Have a to-do list 8 pages long and you’re working 12 hour days still feeling like you accomplished nothing.

  • Dream of growing your business, getting automated and making smart choices with all the money that will be rolling in; without the sacrifice of a life

  • Crave a work/life balance and you want to see some results from all the action you are taking.

  • Want to stop claiming “busy” as a badge or honor and want to work smarter, not harder.

Who I Am

Hey There! I’m April Caldwell, efficiency strategist, author, speaker and vetrepreneur. I help high achieving, purpose-driven  women entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, create more time and money in your business. 

April Caldwell productivity
I believe there is power in purpose, but purpose without systems and organization keeps you stuck. 

Why I do this

I work with mission driven women with limited time who struggle with coming to the end of their 12 hour day feeling like they have accomplished nothing and I help them instead to maximize every hour so they can focus on their areas of genius to create more time and money.

One of my values is freedom. Which is why I joined the US Army after 9/11. 

During my service, my relationship to organization, following the plan and completing the mission changed. In the Army it is life and death; this is how you stay alive. 

I was always pretty good with organization and time management but after being in the Army it took my skills to a whole new level. Now, combining those skills sets with my MBA allows me to teach clients an entirely new process for being efficient with their time; after all time is money. 

I’ve spent the last decade helping women take control of their business and money so they can have freedom in their lives to make choices. As an efficiency strategist, I get to do that every day. 

I didn’t grow up with strong female role models. Instead, I watched my mam-maw stay married to a man she hated because she was financially dependent on him. I saw the impact that financial dependency had on the women in my family and I knew I never wanted to be in that position and I wanted to help every woman I could be in control of their choices.

As an efficiency strategist, I help women business owners grow an efficient business by creating processes to streamline their tasks while growing and scaling their business; helping them strategically balance building a business with creating a joyful, purpose driven life that gets rid of boring humdrum tasks and embraces renewing their creative juices with fun, like a girls night out and a little spa time too.


I would love to connect with you. The best way to do that is to join my Facebook Group. Join the Trail Blazers Tribe.

When not behind the computer, you can find me strolling the shoe racks!