My clients consider me their Personal CFO. I help them navigate all their critical financial planning decisions.
— -- April Caldwell
financial coach

I'm April Caldwell, money coach, financial planner and personal CFO. I am the Founder of Trail Blazers; events designed to help women keep more money, design a luxurious lifestyle and not feel guilty.

As a personal CFO and money coach, I help professional women take control of their finances to create a luxurious lifestyle without debt or guilt.  I did not wake up one day and say “When I grow up I want to be a money coach". Little did I know, that would become my passion in life.

Personally, I saw the impact money had on the women in my life. I know first hand what it is like to have been affluent and then to have lost everything due to poor financial planning. I rebuilt my finances through education and financial literacy which I now use to help others to reach financial freedom.

I grew up in an upper-middle-class family. A nice house, with a stay at home mom, 2 cars, private school and a comfortable life. When I turned 16 all that changed over-night. We went to pinching pennies and lots of tuna fish casserole. 

This time in my life had a profound impact on me and the way I viewed money, freedom, and survival. I knew I was never going to be put back into a position like that again.

That’s why my passion is helping every woman face their fears and embrace their financial life so that they too can go from a feeling of surviving to that wonderful place of thriving.

Recently, I worked with a woman and during the 2nd step in the coaching process found her an extra $1,000 a month in her budget. Through the work we did she was empowered to go in and negotiate a higher salary resulting in another $2,000 a year. During our 6 weeks together she increased her cash flow by $12,000 a year.


Completely Ridiculous but Fun Facts About Me.

I am totally tone deaf, but I don't let that stop me from bursting into song.

I moved to Ohio because I thought "it was cool that is snowed in April". (yes, I learned my lesson)

I love shoes. LOVE.

I get peer pressured into cussing. (Dad, I swear it isn't my fault)

I have webbed toes and truly believe it makes me a better swimmer.

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