A- Acknowledge Your Why

Think of your WHY as your “Hell Yes!”. Then you know what your “Hell No’s” are. It is so much easier to say ‘no’ when you know what the trade off is.

Create Your Hell Yes/Hell No List.

You have now spent some time getting clear on what your values are and what you spend your money on.

What did you discover?

That you aren’t willing to settle for a nice lifestyle by working for the rest of your life, aren’t willing to greet shoppers with carts or flip burgers after you retire?

That you want freedom from financial restrictions sooner rather than later, and you’re willing to do what’s necessary because no other alternative is tolerable?

Once you have achieved your priorities and wants listed above, how will it impact your life? Why do you want to do this?

I believe that being a Money Boss, aka financial planning, is less about understanding hard financial concepts and more about focusing on your behavior around money. Did you discover you need to make some changes to start living authentically?

Living a Luxurious Lifestyle is not for those unwilling to make changes to their spending habits. Commitment to wealth is the realization that you’ll attain financial freedom no matter what. Period.

It’s not a question of “if,” but rather “how” and “when”.

You gain this clarity of commitment when you understand WHY you are making new choices and new changes. In the previous chapter what showed up as a priority? That is your WHY!